Here you can order your Trefecta RDR, fill in the form and select the Trefecta RDR of your choice. Once we recieve your order form, we will contact you directly to discuss details and payment. Once we will start shipping the RDR you will receive a message from us to pay the remaining amount via bank transfer.

The stated amounts are without shipping costs.

Instalment Plan
Trefecta also offers and instalment plan for the Trefecta RDR. We ask you for an initial downpayment of €999. Followed by 10 monthly interest free payments to Trefecta B.V. of €499 euro and one final payment of €999 euros before shipping.

If you are interested in becoming a Trefecta dealer or you want to order more then 2 Trefecta's please contact us directly at
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